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Maximizing charitable returns: Mission-related and socially responsible investing

Posted on March 15, 2006 bySarah Trzepacz

In last month’s issue we explored several ways to expand your philanthropic agenda to include new giving vehicles and new ways of thinking about effective giving. Among the giving options we explored was the idea of program-related investing, wherein philanthropies use their financial resources to support ventures or projects whose mission complements their own. This month we’ll look more closely…Read More
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Increasing Impact with Innovation: Creative Giving Options for Families

Posted on February 15, 2006 bySarah Trzepacz

Foundations do not need a lot of money to be effective. If, indeed, they were to exploit only a fraction of the strategies available to them, their individual and collective impact on American life would be vastly and beneficially expanded. -Paul Ylvisaker, “Small Can Be Effective” As families become more hands-on in their philanthropy and their personal stake in its…Read More
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Gathering Year Round: the Power of Collaborative Giving

Posted on December 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

The holiday season is a time of the year that brings families together: around dinner tables, lighted candles—for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa—Christmas trees, and fireplaces. It’s a time of year that inspires people to send out cards and well-wishes, exchange gifts with loved ones and strangers alike, and to reconnect with the spirit behind their philanthropic endeavors. Much of the holiday…Read More
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Disaster Giving: The Role of Families in Relief, Recovery, and Rebuilding

Posted on November 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

虽然许多家庭建立philanthropies with a specific mission in mind which governs their grantmaking focus and decisions, many can’t help but feel a strong desire to contribute when natural disasters and other tragedies hit both close to home and across the globe. Past natural disasters have not only rallied the support of America’s giving families, but have also…Read More
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Ethical Wills: Writing Your Chapter of the Family History

Posted on October 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

To be faithful to ourselves, we must keep our ancestors and posterity within reach and grasp of our thoughts and affections, living in the memory and retrospect of the past, and hoping with affection and care for those who are to come after. —Daniel Webster It’s widely acknowledged that the time to think about estate-planning or writing your will is…Read More
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Matching Your Family’s Passion with Giving Strategies

Posted on September 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

Even for families with a long history of charitable giving to church groups, civic organizations, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations, deciding to embark on a formalized philanthropic agenda may seem like a formidable task. Perhaps your family already has a giving vehicle—a donor-advised fund or foundation—and is considering launching a second one, or even a third, to accommodate increasing…Read More
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Site Visits: a Tool for Effective and Engaged Donors

Posted on August 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

Writing a check to a nonprofit is not in and of itself a particularly satisfying activity and it is only one step in getting the job done. There is no greater satisfaction than having some involvement with the organization you are helping to fund. Site visits accomplish this. Nothing beats getting to know the people and their work up close…Read More
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Six Timeless Tips for Raising Philanthropic Children

发布在7月15日,2005年Sarah Trzepacz

Providing for children not only involves ensuring that they have clothes on their backs, roofs over their heads, and food in their stomachs, it also requires that families supply a sense of appreciation for their gifts, monetary and otherwise, and the desire to share those gifts with others. But when should parents begin teaching children about philanthropy? If children are…Read More
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Evaluating Effectiveness: Pursuing Excellence in Your Family’s Philanthropy

Posted on April 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

While no family launches a charitable giving vehicle with the intention of spending time and resources without results, it can often be difficult to quantify or even evaluate the results of one’s philanthropy. Certainly every family hopes that their giving will have a positive impact on the world around them: on their own lives and the lives of those in…Read More
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Now or forever

Posted on March 15, 2005 bySarah Trzepacz

Should families establish perpetual foundations or should they create foundations, donor-advised funds, and other giving vehicles designed to “sunset” or spend out their endowments at a certain point in their lifecycle? Or might both options be appropriate? While perpetuity—or, at least, perpetuity for the foreseeable future—is by far the most commonly chosen option among foundations in America today, a growing…Read More