关于this collection:This Content Collections share examples and stories of listening and learning practices that value lived expertise and advance equity.

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The National Center for Family Philanthropy supports the Fund for Shared Insight’s belief that foundations and nonprofits are more impactful and effective当他们定期和深入地倾听工作核心的人民和社区时。This Content Collections share examples and stories of listening and learning practices that valuelived expertise and advance equity. As FSI notes in it’sFunder Action Menu, “Those who have been the most harmed bythe systems and structures we are seeking to impact have the greatest insight into how to bringabout lasting, meaningful change that can improve lives in ways people define for themselves.”


Board Composition, Diversity, and Recruitment

Participatory Grantmaking

Power Dynamics in Family Philanthropy

Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Listening & Feedback: A Funder Action Menu

This menu from Fund for Shared Insights offers a conversation-starter to help foundations think in a systematic way about how they can promote listening and feedback across the many dimensions of their work.

Listening to Those Who Matter Most, the Beneficiaries

To become more effective, nonprofits and foundations are turning to various sources for advice. Some look to experts who can share knowledge, research, and experience about what works—and what does not. Others turn to crowdsourcing to generate ideas and even guide decisions about future directions or funding. Experts and …

Bridging The Gap: A Review of Foundation Listening Practices



What Funders Can Learn from Beyoncé

Let’s start listening to (seeking first to understand) our grantees, before responding with answers and solutions. Let’s facilitate the solutions of a problem by asking questions such as, “What are the outcomes you/we want from this situation?” “What support do you need from me?” “How can you …

4 Questions to Sit With As You Learn to Let Communities Lead

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Editor’s note: This article by Walter Howell and Lauri Valerio was originally published on the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s website and appears with permission. Good things happen when funders shift power to communities. It’s “regenerative.” We “actually get outcomes that work” and “build a groundswell for …

Moving from Deceit to Trust: The Necessity of Listening

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Pexels的Christina Morillo提供的这篇文章最初是由有效慈善事业中心出版的,并在此允许的情况下重新发布。一位同事最近问我自写了《欺骗之舞》以来,这是2004年斯坦福大学社会创新评论文章的变化。

Looking to 2021: How Funder Listening Can Help Us Rebuild

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This article was originally published by Feedback Labs and is re-posted here with permission. Read more about how funders can listen well on GrantCraft by Candid and as part of the Council on Foundations’ series about implementing the COVID-19 foundation pledge! As COVID-19 spread worldwide in early 2020, almost 800 leading philanthropists …

Nothing Should Keep Us from Listening


The Gift of Being Heard and Working in Partnership

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Courtesry Pexels克里斯蒂娜时期的基于“增大化现实”技术ticle was originally published by Alliance Magazine and is re-posted here with permission. It can be easy to invest money in an attempt to fix problems. But money alone can’t build trust or change. That work starts with how you treat people. …


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Courtesy of Pace Center for Girls The recent investment by MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett in funder coalitions Fund for Shared Insight and Equitable Evaluation Initiative—both dedicated to increasing participant feedback in evaluation—is the latest vote of support for gathering evidence of program impact in ways that engage …

Case Studies and Examples

What We Learned When We Listened to Community Voices

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图片来源:莫莉·迈尔斯(Molly Miles)本文最初是由麦克奈特基金会(McKnight Foundation)发表的,并在此允许下重新发布。随着麦克奈特基金会(McKnight Foundation)开始制定一项致力于公平和包容在我们州的新计划,我们一直在注意到要吸引个人和社区的智慧和专业知识……


11月,PFF计划官员Laura McCargar加入了约翰逊家族慈善事业中心的Michael Moody,NCFP研究员兼董事会成员兼董事会成员乔治和辛西娅·米切尔基金会(Cynthia manbetx安卓版最新版下载Mitchell Foundation)在德克萨斯州休斯敦的有效组织会议上的助学金基金会在德克萨斯州的有效组织会议上谈论在…的背景


How can we at Hidden Leaf address the power imbalance that exists between the two groups? How can transformative practice assist us in building a more honest and collaborative relationship? How can we support other funders in building more authentic relationships with their grantees?


男人伸出手 - 协议,人际关系
July 8, 2021

Grantee Relationships and Power Dynamics


Takeaways Blog on Grantee Relationships and Power Dynamics

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Courtesy of Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels This blog summarizes key notes from our July Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy Webinar. Power dynamics are inherent any funder and grantee relationship, and this imbalance between giver and receiver can inhibit productive, honest partnerships. Often nonprofits make shifts to accommodate funder guidelines for grant …
July 28, 2020


费拉nthropy is an ever-evolving practice. It's clear that partnering with and listening to the people and communities family foundations seek to serve are instrumental to realizing positive and enduring impact over time. This webinar describesFund for Shared Insight
plant growing out of asphalt
June 12, 2020


We know from past disasters that there are many phases of rebuilding and recovery, and during this time there is a great risk to populations whose needs will not be supported. How do you identify those needs and what strategies will work best? How do you decide what portion of …
October 2, 2008


如今,我们听到越来越多的关于与受赠人合作伙伴合作的信息。但是,这是如何真正完成的呢?它是否真的使您的基金会的工作更加有效?有效组织授予授予者计划的计划主任考特尼·伯恩斯(Courtney Bourns)为真正吸引的受赠人和其他社区提供策略……