Alison Fass

Alison Fass

President, The Hoffberger Foundation

Alison Fassis the great granddaughter of Abraham Hoffberger, the eldest of the seven brothers. She is a psychotherapist and visual artist living in Baltimore with her husband Andrew and dog Polly. She serves on the Hoffberger Foundation with one of her children, her mother, and twelve of her cousins.


Voices from the Field

Hoffberger Family’s Legacy of Giving is Bound by Two Pandemics

Posted on May 5, 2020 byAlison Fass,Amy Segal Shorey

Hoffberger coalwood truck from 1913
Fourth generation Hoffberger family members gathered in April to begin the final phase of their foundation’s strategic planning process that started nine months ago with GMA Foundations consultant Amy Shorey. The world has changed since then, yet the themes that connect current trustees with previous generations of their family, and with the communities they love, have not. Seven Hoffberger brothers…Read More